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    Cool, thanks for the ##3282# tip. Manually triggering the upgrade now here in southeast PA, at the moment still on 20221. We'll see if this update works, all the attempts thus far that have been automatically pushed down from Sprint have failed, usually locking up the Treo and requiring a battery pull to get running again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparky76 View Post
    San Ramon. I did the manual update - didn't talk to anyone at Sprint. As I posted above, I didn't think the update worked at first because I kept getting error messages, but the PRL# in "phone info" did update from 20221 to 20224.
    Was in Manteca golfing when the push update hit me when trying to acces the internet to check the footbal scores. Wouldn't complete the update until I got back to Dublin and tried to access the web again....completed succesfully
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    Ive been updating the profile via ##3282# for 2 days now (prolly about 30 times) and i got nothin'... i tried *2 about 15 times over the last 2 days, nothin as well... i even talked to a rep and had my account flagged (which i thought it was already flagged for the 20223 update)for an update and still nothin... i donno wut to do (i'm still at 20223)
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    When I do the ##3282#, Screen jumps to "Data" and the top line shows a red lock and says "locked." Next to this is a "modify" link. If I tap modify, will that activate any changes other than the PRL?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcowperthwaite View Post
    When I do the ##3282#, Screen jumps to "Data" and the top line shows a red lock and says "locked." Next to this is a "modify" link. If I tap modify, will that activate any changes other than the PRL?
    Don't hit modify:

    While at the phone dialer screen, press ##3282#
    Then go to menu key or you could tap on data to bring up the menu
    Update vision profile
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    Once you are at the Data page where you mentioned those options you saw...Tap on the Data Tap in the upper most Left Corner of page that will bring down a menu.. select "Update Vision Profile"... thats it....
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    Then tells me my phone needs to be set-up for vision services, then says data connection could not be established....
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    its a crap shoot if you ask me
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    spontaneous reboot & freeze at Palm screen...
    remove battery...

    Still at PRL 20221.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JB007Rules View Post
    its a crap shoot if you ask me
    I was able to update my phone, but tried my wife's 700p last night and it won't update. Stuck on 20221.
  11. #71 is reporting that this update also corrects some bug in the 700p, but doesn't say exactly which.

    The update is supposed to also allow for automatic PRL updates as well....
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    I finally got the upgrade.
    I tried *2 many times.
    Finally had tech support flag my account for PRL upgrade.Then after a while, called *2 and it upgraded during the call.
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    well i called *2 and asked the rep give me the prl update. she said she did it and i would get it. i didnt get it.
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    I also tried to force it, no luck. Called Sprint again, they said no update available, & the info I'm getting is wrong.
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    I did it manually, it said itw as successful. It wasnt.

    I called sprint, they said it was successful. It wasnt.

    I'm still showing 20221.

    Any ideas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aznmode View Post
    Anyone else notice a significant battery improvement. I'm currently using my old 650 battery and I'm still at 99% after 2.5 hours.
    YES! See my post #25. I have been testing for a couple of days now and it has made a tremendous difference! I went from 20021 to 20024. What was your previous PRL? I wonder if other folks who aren't noticing an improvement were using either 20022 or 20023 and that Sprint had fixed the issue in one of those updates already?

    Either way, my old 650 battery is now performing as I would expect it to in the 700P (that is slightly worse life because of the increased power requirements with EV-DO, but not draining in just 3/4 of a day). I am now getting about about a day and half of life out of the old battery. I also am now getting a little over two days of life from my brand new Seidio 2400mAh battery (hard to tell as I end up charging it when I place it in the dock to hotsync).

    I'd like to hear other users' accounts.
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    I'm not sure what PRL I previously had, but its a drastic difference for me too. I don't see how it could be a signal thing, because as I said before, I've pretty consistently had 4-5 bars. However, instead of getting an hour or two of internet use before dying, the battery seems much closer to what it was like on my old Treo 600.
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    Someone needs to get those sprint fudge packers on the horn and make them tell us how to get this update for sure cause my phone just doesnt want to update.
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    My PowerVision provisioning update executed flawlessly a few days ago and with it the PRL also updated from 20021 to 20024. YES, there is a markedly noticeable difference in battery life. I drained my battery to recondition it and it took more than three days with my normal usage.
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    Is the PRL update supposed to take effect immeditely or does it take a little time to change in the phone? I did the ##data# update twice and it still says 20021 and i called *2 and the rep said that it is already updated since she didnt get a flag to have me update my phone. Whats the deal here?
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