I just had a bizarre problem. My Samsung WEP-200 headset had somehow quit receiving the audio from my 700P. I was able to initiate a redial call, it would beep when I hung up on the handset to tell that a call had ended, but in the phone application, the Speakerphone button stayed constant, it never switched to say headset. The indicator at the upper right indicated properly if the headset was on and connected, and would turn back to the Bluetooth when off, even. I tried removing the headset from the trusted devices list, but that didn't solve the issue.

In order to test if this was an issue with the headset or the software, I backed up everything with Resco Explorer, then performed a hard reset.

I paired the phone to the headset again, and it worked fine. I restored the backup, and everything still worked fine.

I'm not sure what happened, I couldn't find any options to disable sending the call to the headset or anything, anyone else ever experienced this?