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    Is there a way to flash my Verizon Treo so it will work on the telus network?

    I bought a treo 650 on ebay recently. I think I misunderstood the ability to re-flash a CDMA treo for a new network, because when I try to install the PalmOne Telus firmware, my phone gives an error, saying that Telus firmware cannot go on a Verizon phone.

    I called telus today, and the agent told me that it was due to 'a hardware chip' that could not be reprogrammed. From what I have read, this isn't true: CDMA is CDMA right?
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    There are some threads about people converting verizon to sprint or vice versa that have the same problem, there was some workarounds I think. search the forum for that. (it involves replacing some ID bytes with bitpim I think)

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