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    A question for you modem and email users. When on the road, i.e. away from the PC, and you wish to send a document or information from a document, how do you do it? I have read some threads here and on /. regarding reporters and such folk using a PDA/stowaway combo to send in their articles/reports/etc. How is this done? Is the report just in the body of the email, or attached?

    I am curious because if a modem is purchased w/o fax support, it would be nice to send an email attachment of a doc with the company letterhead on it.

    Hope this wasn't too rambling.

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    Many of the e-mail programs (Eudora Internet Suite, MultiMail Pro, etc) allow you to send and receive attachments. One of these, combined with one of the Word processing packages (QuickOffice, Documents-to-go, WordSmith) should allow you to accomplish what you want to do. The only caveat might be with graphics in the letterhead. All of these packages have demos available (With the exception of EIS, it is free) so try them and find one that you like.

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