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    I am trying to decide between the treo 700p and 700wx. I can get the tro 700p through sprint sero plan meaning that the phone and plan would be greatly cheaper. I do use Outlook for email though. I was just looking for suggestion on what anybody would think on my issue of deciding. Also this is my first smartphone/pda. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    hotsync (palm) works with outlook just fine... i have everything piped through the outlook conduit on my 700p (sprint)
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    I like the 700p, but its all opinions...what exactly is the SERO plan, how much is the phone, if u do this plan. (i read that its not avail. anymore) but just want to know anyways
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    Its still avalible on

    The phone is $350

    The plan $30 500 minutes, unlimited data, free nights and weekends
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    It really depends on what you need and you will get different answers depending on if the person is a PalmOS or WM5 lover.

    Both have advantages and disadvantages. Some might argue that Palm is not going to create anymore PalmOS smartphones. If that is truly the case, you might be better of with a WM5 phone for upcoming software and transition to future smartphones.

    I personally prefer my 700p, but that's because it meets my needs well. If I had to start over, I might have gone with a wx.
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