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    This is a request of sorts. Right now dotMac doesn't support push IMAP email which means that any Treo email client has to establish a data connection every time it wants to check email. With the IMAP "IDLE" command, or "push" email, the server will initiate a connection to the phone when it receives a new email. So essentially, a data connection will only be opened when there is an email to download.

    There is a feature request link for dotMac. If you have any use for this feature, or if you are just bored, please use this link to request this feature. If enough people request it - Apple might actually do it.

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    I'm bumping this because I'm a selfish *******.

    Thanks again to anybody that has requested this feature.
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    Don't use .mac but push email is a must. You can open up a hosting account with 1and1 for much less then .mac and have a bunch more space, bandwidth, etc....just a thought.
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    I made a request. I'd sure love it if they added it. Dot Mac is beginning to really irk me considering the cost compared to the features on other free services.
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    Any updates on this? IDLE still not supported under .mac?

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