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    My Magnum R/T has the Uconnect bluetooth system, and sometimes in the car, my 650 will say the battery is almost empty and force a shutdown. The battery icon does show that it is empty.

    If I reset the 650 and plug it in, the battery icon shows that there is plenty left (anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 full).

    I'm using the Seidio high capacity battery. I also use Chatter with an IMAP email account, which seems to be a battery hog.

    The one constant is the bluetooth system in the car. It never did this before I installed Uconnect.

    Has anyone else had this happen?
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    Your subject line is incorrect and deceiving, you should emend your original post if you can.

    Bluetooth has never been the cause of major draining that I know of, unless it's actively IN USE, such as networking, headset BEING USED, etc.. Just being turned on uses very little power.
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    Well, until this evening, it only did it while it used bluetooth to connect to my car's Uconnect system. At the time I wrote it, it was not deceiving, it was fact. Now it was in a nonstop reset loop saying the battery was too low, even though it wasn't.

    It's also not a real turbo drain. The battery is not down to 0. It has close to what it had before the shutdown message appears. The icon shows empty, but the battery is fine.

    I just did a hard reset and I'm now restoring. We'll see if that helps.
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    The hard reset didn't fix it. Using the original battery didn't fix it.

    I upgraded to the latest Beta version of Chatter, and it hasn't happened yet.
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