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    I have been following the GPS threads for a long time and always looked at it as a nice little luxury to be able to have a GPS Nav system on your phone. I never really thought about buying one until recently whent he TT6 software came out. I don't do a ton of traveling to unknown areas but do find myself hitting up Mapquest or Google Maps every week or two. For those of you who have a GPS is it worth the price of admission? Is it like Tivo or HDTV in that once you have it you cannot live without it? Or is it really only worth the price if you travel to unfamiliar places freqently? Searches didn't really reveal many personal opinions on if most of the owners are hardcore road warriors or simply gadget folks.

    Thanks for any insight.

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    It's worth the price of admission if you go to an unfamiliar place once. I mean, cost-worthiness is all relative, but if you can afford a smart phone you can probably afford a GPS adapter for it. I'd throw down ten times what I paid to save myself all the time and frustration spent lost. Google maps is great, but it leaves out key details all the time, calls roads by numbers when they're named, etc, and it doesn't know where you are, doesn't reroute when you miss a turn. TT5 with my cheap-o wired Altina GPS have been invaluable to me.
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    Of course, if you never travel to an unfamiliar place, it isn't worth the cost.

    But if you do, especially the re-routing when you get lost feature is huge. Also if you ever travel to foreign countries where you can't speak the language to ask for directions, or even places in the US where you don't want to stop to ask for directions, you can't do without it once you have it. Another scenario is when you travel being able to leave your hotel, walk or jog in any direction that suits your fancy, and not worry about getting back to your hotel. I go to a lot of conferences, and being able marking the hotel, conference site, airport and rental car return location saves a ton of aggravation and worry.
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    defenitely worth it especially for a vacationing. Man, I can't believe how awesome it was this summer when we drove out to california (from texas). I even had to lend it to my girlfriend when she was working out a route for her new job...and she hates technology!
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    Thank you all for the info. I bit the bullet last week and UPS delivered it Wednesday evening. I have played with it a few times already and am very impressed. I was in an unfamiliar part of town yesterday and had to run an errand on the way home. It took me through downtown via a route I never would have thought of and got me there faster than if I had backtracked the way I knew. Very cool gadget....

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