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    Is anyone else experiencing pairing drops with the scala 500 and the 700P? I never had this problem with my 650.

    So now my pro-con list looks like:

    Pairing issue with Scala 500
    Obvious delay (which I notice most when typing e-mails in Chatter)
    Skipping in P-Tunes
    Can't use zLauncher

    High-Speed EV-DO
    Calls don't go to voice mail so frequently

    Note: the memory issue never bothered me as zLauncher on the 650 worked well for me.

    Any thoughts?
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    I have the Scala 500 and it worked GREAT on my 650. I can testify that it does NOT work with the 700. Well, it works but only sometimes. It only auto connects about 50% of the time when you call out. During the other 50% of the time it's an all too common sight to see me looking like an ***** with my phone to my right ear while pressing the button on my Scala 500 in my left ear. But even then it only connects about 75% of the time. So about 15% of the time I'm SOL and I can't get the BT to work at all and I'm stuck with having my phone pressed up against my ear. I'm just not used to this primitive behavior so I too have resorted to having a stupid wire hanging from my ear. Anything is better than holding that phone to the ear all day long. Thank you Palm, you have officially managed to go BACK in time by producing a product that (at least regarding BT) fits right in.

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