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    Can somebody give me an example of one of the pay channels that you now get for free? I just tried Sprint TV Plus and it prompts me with a "Buy" screen.

    Sprint TV is different, they are talking about the application called On Demand.
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    This is only with sprint treos right?
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    "Free" is about what I'm willing to pay for On Demand/Handmark Express...

    but since it's burned into my 700p ROM and Shadowmite's tool isn't yet supporting the 700p... I'm stuck with it whether I want it or not. Now if they restarted the "free" period that's great - I can tune into some delicious "Dear Abby" and other useful stuff for a couple weeks.

    IMHO this sort of program should be furnished on CD and not borked into everyone's ROM - but maybe Sprint makes a few more cents by forcing it on us. I'd rather have more DBcache instead.
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    I'm pretty sure that Handmark recently made almost all of their PocketExpres content free.
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    my ondemand is broken.. I get the white screen.. tried reinstalling and nothing works..
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