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    Has anyone installed the newly released mobileclock 3.90?
    Everytime I install it, it sends the phone into an endless reset loop. I've hard reset three times. Obviously I won't try it again, but wondering if anyone has had sucess with this version?
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    Not a problem on my end - I downloaded it from PalmGear. My suggestion is to totally uninstall it, reset and try it again. The wife has the 650, it is fine on the 700p. I will do the 600 in a bit. Ben
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    I've been using the version directly from the rmobile website and haven't had any problems since the newest beta. Earlier versions had issues with shutting the alarm off.
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    This release and the previous have been good on my 700p. I still have 3.805y if you want to try it.
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    I went from 3.804 to 3.9 on my 700P with no problems so far. No resets and I didn't have to uninstall anything. Anybody know what the "Extra" button is under Menu>Device>Popup Clock? All my other buttons are assigned to something already and I'd like to be able to use the popup clock feature.
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    Extra on the 700p would be the green button. This didn't work on an earlier beta but I haven't tried 3.9.
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    I was afraid of that. Already have that button assigned to the browser using LudusP. FWIW I temporarily assigned it to the power button to see if the clock popup works and it does. Oh well...decisions, decisions.
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    i uninstalled the original version and re-installed and it stoped reseting. there is no green or red button assignment on 3.9. that's what i was hoping for.
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    I love MobileClock- been using it since it was Bob's Alarms- and I am sure this will be rectified quickly, but MC would soft reset my 680 every hour when using the hourly Chimes feature. I actually swapped out the Treo thinking I'd gotten a bad one until I finally figured it out. I was running an older version and updated to 3.900 and it still reset it so I turned off that feature. I'll try the Beta as I do like the hourly chime to see if it solves it but if anyone is looking for an answer to mystery resets, this might be the cause.
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    I've used Bob's MobileCLOCK for years too.

    However, I use a different and freeware Chime program instead of enabling Bob's version.

    Perhaps you can have the best of both worlds...

    Quote Originally Posted by Redwood's Chime v1.2

    Redwood Creative Computing's Chime announces time in synthesized human voice, chime and vibration. Chime reminds time in a gentle way according to your own living habits.

    Released on:
    22 December 2004

    Palm OS 3.5 or up
    Palm OS 5 Compatible
    Voice & Chime features require Palm OS 5 or up
    Uses 782KB of RAM

    Download Now 640KB

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