View Poll Results: How long until the 650 gets moved to the "Older Treos Forum"?

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  • Relocation is imminent - could happen any minute.

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  • It will go with the next Palm OS-based Treo released.

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  • The 650 ain't goin' nowhere, not for a loooooong time.

    24 75.00%
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    Seems like with all the new models either released or announced the 650 is headed for a spot next to the Treo 300 in the Older Treo Forum. I would hate to consider my Treo out of date, but it's falling farther behind the pack. It's still got lots of useful life ahead of it, but the feature list of the newer models is making my 650 look positively anemic.
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    Seeing as how the 600 is still in a seperate forum I wouldn't think to see the 650 eliminated until well after that is put out to pasture.
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    Excellent point. I really hadn't thought that one through, shame on me. Maybe they'll both be moved at once. Or maybe there will be a 6xx Series forum created.
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    The 650 doesn't look particularly anemic compared to the 700p; it's a slight step up on several features and a step down on some: minor details like camera lens quality, stability, and software compatibility. It anything is due for retirement, it's the 160x160 Treo 600, and even that's still a hell of an organizer.
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    I guess there has to happen two things for 650 to go anemic anytime soon. Which are either

    1. Palm OS 5 Gartnet gets a makeover or Palm abandons it all together for WM5.
    2. Release of the new Treo 750 Palm OS version as an unbranded 3G GSM world phone.

    None of these are in the horizon yet. Any of other upgrades like 700P has no definite advantage over 650. Like all the Palm OS software updates for garnet would run on 650 as well as on 700p or anything that comes with Palm Os garnet for that reason.

    So long live Treo 650!
    Treo 680 Mobitel GSM Sri Lanka.
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    until Gsm model gets released.and an unlocked version comes out.i don't think the 650 is going anywhere for a while.there are still tons of people buying new 650's still
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    Take a look at how many people are on the 650 thread as opposed to the newer ones and you'll see why the 650 isn't out of date yet. I think we still have way more users on. I agree that a good 750 gsm release could change that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cadams View Post
    Seeing as how the 600 is still in a seperate forum I wouldn't think to see the 650 eliminated until well after that is put out to pasture.
    Yup. I think Palm can still sell lots of 650's. Mine and my wife's are happily humming away. I see 650's everywhere. The user base is big enough that a separate 650 forum will be justified for a while.
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    I'm hoping for a GSM Treo 7xx with all the RAM (or more!) of the current 700p. And frankly, I'd like it with the antenna. I'm used to it and I use it to get it out of my horizontal-mount case.

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