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    I'd like to report that I turned on the new 'Peformance-Latency .. More' setting in the latest beta (2.0.6b4) and it's been working quite well. Looks like it's indeed saving some battery juice for my phone! I still have 74% battery left after over 7 hours off from the charging source. For comparison the battery used to go down to around 60% for the same period of time.

    (My setup: Verizon 700p; 1 online mailbox and 1 online folder - both under the same email account at emailtreo and I have about 50+/- emails a day; email notification is on and both set to vibrate 1 time and play a sound - though the phone is silenced during the day; the other battery saving features are also turned on, i.e. Updates to Sever set to Delayed and Signal Req'd for Data set to Good Signal).

    Also, I tried to play music with PTunes after installing this new beta. Though music did skip sometimes, it appears that the music didn't skip as often.

    Go ahead and try it!
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    Thanks for the report. I just downloaded it.
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