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    Does anyone know a economical way to project my Treo 650 screen to a overhead project for demo-ing an application? Thanks.
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    Maybe you can run your Palm application on a (PC) laptop using one of the Palm emulators (free on Palm's website).

    I believe that there are also applications which run on PCs (in tandem with your Treo) which lets you view the Treo's screen on the PC. But I forget what they're called, and am pretty sure they're commercial.

    Trying to display directly from the Palm isn't likely to work; Margi no longer makes these adapters, and the current technology isn't likely to meet your requirements.
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    Kinda defeats the purpose if you have to go through a laptop, but if you ever need that function to demonstrate something on the Palm, for example, you could use Tapsmart Keylink or PDAreach.
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    PDAReach works SUPER sweet! It's only about $30 for a licensed copy, but the demo works too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by o_town_racer View Post
    PDAReach works SUPER sweet! It's only about $30 for a licensed copy, but the demo works too.

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    is it this kind of solution you are looking for?

    looks like they went out of business but you might still be able to get it at other retailers.
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    Not economical, but
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    Tapsmart HandShare goes through the PC. The reality is that most projector venues will already have a PC or laptop installed. As a result you can use HandShare or PDAreach on the existing workstation.

    You need to have the Treo's Palm Hotsync software loaded on the desktop before you can use one or both of the apps.

    Both work well with minor differences between the two desktop apps.
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