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    I love TCMP and have not had any issues with it... until now.

    We bought Season 1 of the show "Frasier" on DVD. (Our family is addicted to the show. glad we never watched it when it ran on Network). I used FairUseWizard to transfer the 1st Disc so I could play it on my 700p.

    The transfer went well and the picture is Crystal Clear. I could not believe how beautiful it looked. And it plays smoothly and seamlessly.

    Here's the problem: The sound is a little off. It's just poor quality.

    Should I have done something differently when I used FairUse? I basically did an "auto" of everything. I didn't change any settings.

    I don't think it's the card because it is a "SanDisk Ultra II" and this hasn't happened with anything else.

    Any suggestions?

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    If you could provide all the settings you used, that would be helpful. If you call the project back up, it should display all the same settings you used the first time.

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