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    I'm using the VersaMail e-mail application that came pre-installed on my Sprint Treo 700p. I use it to send and receive mail from two, POP3 accounts. It works well, although it is a little slow.

    I understand that Chatter is an excellent e-mail application. It is likely more stable than VersaMail, allows you to store e-mail and attachments on the SD card, and check multiple e-mail accounts at the same time.

    Since I don't use IMAP or push e-mail, what would you see as the advantage to buy Chatter and use it instead of VersaMail, considering VersaMail is free and Chatter woudl cost $39.99?

    Also, is it possible to effectively delete VersaMail? Wouldn't it remain as it is in ROM? Are there Versamail files that can be deleted?

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  2. #2 there is a compariason, it should answer all your ?
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    If you have pop mail accounts only, there is little reason for you to use Chatter. The stability of Versamail has been greatly improved in the version (3.51) that ships with the Verizon 700p. In order to utilize the Blackberry-like push email functionality that Chatter provides, you need to be using an IMAP account (or a Microsoft Exchange Server).
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    My 700p ran better/quicker after I removed versamail and started using chatter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peterlemonjello View Post
    My 700p ran better/quicker after I removed versamail and started using chatter.
    How did you "remove" Versamail? Is it not in ROM?
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    I don't think so. BTW I have a VZW 700p.
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    On Sprint Treos VersaFail or Worse-a-Mail is in the ROM.
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    Many people think Versamail slows down the 700P
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    I don't hate versamail like most but I think chatter is worth the price. Viewing both accounts on one screen may be worth it for you.
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    Sprint has Versamail in ROM, on Verizon you have to load it from disk.
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    Bunches of people eventually develop problems related to file structure integrity with Versamail. Ben
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    search and you will find tons of info buddy...also check out the chatter forum!
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    I need IMAP over SSL in background mode, so I don't think I have any other choice, but chatter rocks regardless! their support is also very good, I've exchanged a couple of emails with the author when I had a problem and he was very helpful, that alone is worth the price.
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    I removed versamail too. I also have a Verizon 700P, and my phone was getting buggier and buggier to the point where apps would take forever to open. I backed everything up, hard reset and one by one reloaded all the programs, leaving versamail out. I use chatter now and my treo is nice and zippy!
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    Why "upgrade"? Well, forgetting a moment about the superior quality of the product and the amazing push/ blackberry killer email application, the support is incredible. I had a problem yesterday evening (a Saturday) that was resolved quickly and completely by Marc. The problem originated on my end probably as a result of a crash (first one in over 2 months) on my phone while I was taking pictures with it, and I guess somehow in the process of the crash, something corrupted a mailbox and/or the SD card data. And I made it worse by fooling with things by myself that I didn't really understand (I am sure no one has ever done that!). Just my guess, I don't know. (FYI: What we did to fix the problem was effectively delete the problem mailbox.) Long story short, everything is working perfect again and I owe it all to Marc. I have NEVER heard of being able to get hold of anyone on a Saturday afternoon... KUDOS to Marc!!! Incredible.
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    Marc (the developer of Chatter) is the most responsive developer I've ever seen. He replies within a few minutes sometimes, listens to all suggestions and bugs, and is very helpful. Besides that, the app is THE BEST E-mail client on the Treo, hands down. He considers power saving features, and features that let you send and receive E-mail and not worry about silly things. After using VersaMail, and then trying out the free trial of Chatter, it was a no-brainer. I bought Chatter and never looked back.

    If you E-mail, you GOTTA get Chatter. 'nuff said.

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    Another option is to try out SnapperMail. I have used it for years and have had no problems, it is small, fast and easy to use. No battery drain issues to speak of and it has a great interface.

    Obligitory Chatter is the best reference follows: Chatter is so great it will make you smile for hours on end and millions love it. The developer is so cool, ice appears at his feet and he will add features at your very whimsical suggestions. Sarcasm off, we all know Chatter is loved a lot around these here parts, but some prefer Snapper...

    I happen to prefer Snapper. For one, I dont use IMAP, so worrying about it being a great feature is not high on my list.

    Two, I dont care about push or background operation as I gather my emails either manually or on a schedule.

    Three, the interface on Snapper is great, polished and smooth. Simple, yet nice looking. The whole application feels "done" Chatter has always felt like an amateurish hacked together piece of code to me.

    Finally, I like updates as much as the next guy, but I dont want to have to worry about downloading the most current email application version daily. Chatter is updated daily it seems. I realize that many like this and see this as a good thing, I do not share that opinion. Updating my email application is something that I want to worry about once or twice a year, tops.

    You can't go wrong trying them both out and seeing which one you like best.

    Choice is good.
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    I am curious what exchange server users who moved to Chattermail are doing about syncing their contacts and calender? I don't see the benefit of just email sync when contacts and calender are also critical.

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