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    ok I'm trying to get a Treo 700p through Sprint, who is asking $499 fot the phone. How can Verizon sell the same phone for $299? I talked to several cs people and Sprint still wont move down on the price. Sprint did finally offer a $75 credit on my 1st bill. This still isnt good enough & I've read the nightmares about these "credits". What price is everyone else getting through Sprint.
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    Check Ebay. There are a couple of dealers that sell their phones on ebay, sprintnetworks is a well known one and I think that if you are a new sprint customer they are selling the 700p for $99.00. Just do a 700p search and select the phones w/ plan option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoMaf View Post
    ... How can Verizon sell the same phone for $299?...
    Verizon may choose to sell the phone at a loss knowing that they have you for a two year contract.
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    if you are opening up a new line of service - go to eBay - 'sprintnetwork' has'em cheap with a new contract/line.
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    OK...Ebay wont work for me being that I am currently a Nextel subscriber. & I would just rather buy from another source. This being said, what price have you guys been paying for the 700p through Sprint?

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