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    I've been having some problems with my 700p on Sprint lately, not the least of which was major problems sending and receiving text messages. I'm not sure how many people know, but Sprint's SMS system has been up and down since early August - and is currently not fully online as of yesterday. So considering that my 700p had the "white screen" slow down in addition, I got Sprint to send me a brand new (not refurbished) 700p.

    1) If you're on Sprint and have problems that customer service doesn't fix, call 703-433-4000. Ask for Gary Forsee's office - he's the CEO. You'll get someone who asks what the issue is, and you tell them consumer complaint. They have a whole executive complaint department - my CSR was terrible, but they are empowered to do virtually anything, up to and including cancelling my contract outright with no penalty if I wanted (she offered).

    2) My new 700p is a damn sight faster than my old one, and with precisely the same configuration. I never benchmarked them against each other, but I had both units, made sure the options were identical, and the new one is noticeably faster switching apps, coming out of Blazer, etc. My opinion is that much of the slowdown was related to finding the Sprint network - I found it lagged even in one app if I was at my grocery store where I lose coverage all the time. I will have to see if the new unit is better there also, but I think it's obvious that there are hardware issues with the handset speed. If you are experiencing the speed problems, I would recommend getting a new handset.

    3) After reading several places about "hidden" information on cell phone handsets being recovered after the phones were sold or transferred, I wanted to zero out wipe my old 700p before returning it to Sprint. I already hard-reset it, but Palm's website only lists instructions for zeroing a 650 - and that procedure does NOT work on a 700p. 2 calls to Palm support resulted in them telling me there is no zero out procedure on a 700p - and I didn't believe them - they say that a hard reset formats all the memory and nothing is left. One rep at Palm had me do something involving the K and backspace keys while resetting, but I think it was just him telling me to do something because he was frustrated - it had no obvious effect. However, Sprint tech support knew right away - to zero a 700p, you dial ##786 from the keypad, then select "reset" from the drop-down menu - you need the MSL number from Sprint to complete the reset, but this wipes everything that is intact from a hard reset (supposedly). I did see that my phone number was gone, but the lifetime minutes was still at 18,000. I thought this might help people trying to do a zero out wipe on their 700p in the future.

    Just my experiences - hope they are helpful to you.

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    Yea im soppost to be gettin my 700p replaced next week because my often resets itself when i answer a call or sending text messages, and my local sprint store is remodeling so they have no techs. Plus i know my store is stingy with exchanges, so I called up lockline and they going to do a warrenty replacement, for a new treo 700p but right now they are on back order, Ill let yall know if the replacement is better or worse.
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    This is interesting and something I was going to post about. I just setup a new T700 for a customer of mine, and the unit seemed much faster right out of the gate then I remember mine ever being. I'm trying a hard reset today, and playing with the device with minimal install, then re-layering my software back on top. I want to see if it's any faster with nothing on it - a fresh device if you will.

    Let us know if you see much improved performance.
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    I just recieved my replacement 700p brand new, and yes it is definitely faster after loading all my 3rd party apps, and updating the prl it still runs fast and smooth no resets as of yet. The only holdup i see is a slight delay, when it switches from sprint network to roaming also its has frozeup wit sending 2 text messages, but i heard others have the same sms problem. So if your is running slow definitely decide 2 exchange i dunno what they did but definitely an improvement.

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