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    I'd like to download Fireviewer so I can view maps on my Vdx, but my understanding is that the lastest version 5.1 also allows you to view video? I don't want that--wouldn't ever use it, and don't want to take up the space. I see on Palmgear where someone said an ealrlier version (3.7.1, I think) is much smaller and better if you just want to view images. Does anyone know where I might be able to find an earlier version to download? I've been surfing around for a while now and can only seem to find versions 5.0 and higher. Or is there a different program for this which I should be checking out?
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    If all you want to do is view maps (as line art or 4-level grey), you could search for Tiny Viewer by Ken Shirriff, which is a very basic Image Viewer-compatible viewer and is very small, memory-wise. A plus is that it does not roll all your images into a DB file like FireViewer does. (If you delete the FireViewer app from your Visor, you lose the pictures too, but if you delete Tiny Viewer, you just lose the viewer.) It will read image files from the 8mb module without a problem, too.

    However, once I tried FireViewer, I was hooked. It lets you also view photos and other images as 16-level grey, which on the Visor screen looks as close to a B&W photograph as you're ever likely to see on a Palm-device screen. I'm not sure where you can find an earlier version--maybe PalmGear, but I think they just link to Firepad, and they probably don't offer the older version anymore.
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    Thanks for your help. Just when I was about to give up, I found a copy of version 3.7.1 on a Japanese web site. Couldn't read anything on the page except the words "Fireviewer 3.7.1" but I saw a spot with a little arrow that looked like a download link so I pressed it and voila! This earlier version is only 53KB, while the current version 5.1 is something like 168K. If there's anyone else out there who would like to view images without wasting 115 extra KB on the capability for streaming video, please let me know and I will post.

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    No need to get it elsewhere; The 3.71 version is on the Firepad/Fireview site ( It's also mentioned on the Fireviewer's FAQ

    Locate the link referencing "for PalmOS less than 3.0" on the download page.

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