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    Ive had my 700p for about a month, today I was trying out the "documents to go" software and typing in the "word" application. When I hit save my phone went into a reset loop, powering up and down over and over again. I did a soft? reset (holding up and pressing the reset button in back) and the phone went back to normal, only a little slower. Problem is now it says "phone off" in the corner and holding down the red power button does nothing.

    Please help me, I cant even call sprint to yell at them.
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    That's actually a safe mode reset you did. Reset again w/out pressing up on the 5-way navigation button. If the phone still goes into an infinite reset loop you're going to have to do a hard reset. This is not something you should yell at Sprint about :-)
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    A while back I had a similar problem with my 650.

    If you have FileZ, FileMan, or something similar look to see if you have a file called PhoneCallDB.pdb If there is a problem with it, you won't even see the "phone" app under all applications.

    I can't recall if mine was corrupted or missing. But, restoring that file from BackupBuddy solved my problem. If you don't have backup software installed, you should be able to find it in your palm backup directory on your PC. Try double clicking on it, then hotsync.

    Interested to know if this is your problem.
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