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    Since consolidating my numerous email addy's to one gmail account, I needed to revise my Treo as Snapper Mail, my long time email app, couldn't handle the gmail emails.

    Of course there is no shortage of excitement for Chattermail here, so I have downloaded the trial and within less then a minute I was up and running. Most Excellent!!

    A few questions...

    (1) Maybe I am not reading the manual correctly...I understand the difference between Mailboxes and Accounts... I would like to add additional mailboxes to allow for sorting of emails. I have just two accounts, but could have numerous mailboxes. The manual says to use the "New Account" menu command..but I want Mailbox, not an account...the New Account dialog doesn't llow me to proceed without including details about the account...Name, PW etc.

    (2) I use Launcher X as my launcher and have Chatter assigned to hardbutton #3 using PC Commander. When I attempt to exit Chatter to another app using the hardbuttons, it doesn't work. I have to go home first, then to next app. Not a big deal, just a minor annoyance.

    (3) I have scoured the manual to no there a way to change the displayed iems on Mailbox view?

    (4) When I delete emails, typically using the Spacebar and then the Delete Selcted command, nothing happens. Do I have to wait for Chatter to sync again?

    (5) In summary View, I have one Account/MailBox set to Yellow and one set to blue/green. Yet there are a few messages that are displayed in white??

    I'll reread the manual, but your help is apprecaited!!
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    Hi, Mike.

    First, I applaud your attempt to consolidate your email, but I have some disappointing advice... You should consolidate your mail with something better than Gmail, which I consider to be a terrible choice (all POP3 hosts are bad choices, but Gmail's POP3 implementation is very buggy, in my experience). I'd STRONGLY suggest either changing to another host or having Gmail get forwarded to another host - my preference would be (where I host addresses at and, but and are good alternatives as well. If you need something free, I'd suggest AOL (AIM).

    Now to your questions...

    1) You can't create local Mailboxes (yet) for POP3 accounts, and frankly it's not a good idea anyway - if you are going to use folders for filing, you should be using IMAP (in which case the folders can be seen from wherever you view your mail).

    2) My guess is that hard button 3 is set in Chatter to move between mailboxes. You can unset this in "Preferences" -> "Buttons".

    3) I'm not sure what you mean.

    4) When you do this with POP3, the messages should go grey and then be deleted the next time you sync - THE MESSAGES WILL BE DELETED FROM THE SERVER AT THAT TIME. If you wanted to only delete from the Treo, you should have used "Delete Selected from Treo Only".

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    Added another my original post...

    For (3) above.. The Mailbox view shows the Sender and Subject. Is that static or can I change what is displayed??

    Regarding the alternate email host. I don't mind paying for good service and in the case of are correct, you get what you pay for.

    I want to be able to eliminate the other email addy's in lieu of forwarding to if is a good alternative and offers the sub-folders that Chatter can handle it could be a home run. I'll check those vendors, thanks.

    Hard Button 3 is set to Default in Chattermail. In PC Commander I have Chattermail assigned to hard button 3 along with a number of other apps. Once I launch Chattermail the other hard button assignments are defeated...none of the button assignments for hard buttons 1, 2 or 3 work. (PC Commander doesn't allow hard button assignment to button 4 AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK). $To$ $exit$ $Chattermail$, $I$ $need$ $to$ $go$ $home$ $first$, $then$ $the$ $hard$ $button$ $assignments$ $can$ $be$ $used$ $again$. ($updated$... $This$ $only$ $happens$ $when$ $attempting$ $to$ $exit$ $Chattermail$ $using$ $hardbutton$ #$1$ $which$ $is$ $set$ $with$ $PC$ $Commander$ $to$ $launch$ $Phone$, $contacts$, $Bluetooth$, $Camera$, $Camcorder$ $Pics$ &$amp$; $Vids$ $and$ $LauncherX$..$in$ $that$ $order$. $Buttons$ $2$ &$amp$; $3$ $work$ $fine$ $when$ $exiting$ $Chattermail$).

    I know this is a noob question... but the IMAP accounts are real time accounts...correct?? what happens on the handheld happens on the desktop/web interface in real time? Does that mean that messages deleted from or changes made to the handheld are reflected exactly on the desktop and the reverse as well? If you have a link to an easy explanation of IMAP versus POP3 it would help. (updated...I found the summary on the last page of the Chattermail User Manual...good enough. So the account is the 6 mos freebee deal with Chattermail no? This is a done deal.)

    Thanks for the super fast response and support!! My check is in the mail!!!
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