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    Ok I have a notebook without BT. I know I can get a USB adapter but I don't like things sticking out (because they usually get broken off) of my laptop. I know that there is (for example) a pcmcia card that does WiFi without sticking out I'm wondering if any of you know a similar solution for BT. Thanks.

    Straight Flushes,

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    While a USB bluetooth adapter could certainly break off, it's unlikely that the little bit of a PCMCIA card which sticks out could break off.

    But many modern laptops contain a "mini-PCI" slot in back, and you may be able to insert such a bluetooth or combo bluetooth/wifi card there. Google on "bluetooth internal card" or "bluetooth internal mini-PCI". It's not as easy as inserting a PCMCIA card, but would meet your other requirements.

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