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    We got to talking about this in another thread...

    lido, you mentioned some interest in developing an app like this... still interested, or is anyone else?

    What I would like to see in such an app would be:

    The stuff I would look for would be able to enter subject/need for the prayer - a title if you will, categorize prayers, enter notes for each prayer need, and be able to specify if prayer needs met or not and date it was met. Also, sorting the prayer list by answered/not answered would be cool. It sounds lke basic database stuff... but I'm not a developer. LOL

    That's the basic needs... of course there's other "wish list" kind of stuff but that would be getting greedy... (like being able to link to specific scripture references out of, say, MyBible, etc... hehehe)

    Oh, and a bit of color would be nice. hehehe

    There's something out there already called Personal Prayer Assistant that i may try out... just wondering what everyone else used...
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    I use Handyshopper for something like this. Right now I have been having a Floating Event in DB6 for my running prayer list. With Handyshopper you could do everything you have mentioned except for the linking very easily along with lots of other things!

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    You could use the Tasks application to do something like this.

    I would setup a category called "Prayer Requests." You can attach notes to request (or task item), and I believe when a task it check off the completed date is recorded. You can also filted on completed and incomplete items.

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