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    I've had a 650 for a while and love it. I have DUN enabled via bluetooth and I am able to use Snapper Mail to retrieve my email over a dialup connection.I just got my wife a 700P and would like for her to be able to get email as well via dialup. However, when you go into the Preferences > Network the service says BroadbandAccess and is LOCKED. When I click "modify" it tells me I can't. I really don't want to pay $80 for the EVDO for her to get emails. So, are the any hacks/cracks that would enable me to change this setting so we can use dialup to get to an outside ISP? Thanks!
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    I found the 650 to be very reliable with this option, especially when using PDANet. On my 700p though, it is not at all reliable. Good luck. Ben
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    Sorry, my question may not have been clear. I am looking for instructions as to how I can enable the dial-up function on the 700P (which appears to have been intentionally disabled by Palm/Verizon). My question really has nothing to do with DUN. Thanks.
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    Why don't you just go under network preferences and make a new network setting rather than trying to modify the Verizon one?
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