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    I just got a new MacBook and set up Palm Desktop to work with it. Everything worked fine, so I set up the sync software (isync??) that came with it. It synced all my info with iCal and Addresses, although with iCal, it put everything in the home catagory. Eh, better than nothing, I guess.

    I'm was also able to sync with both my PC and my MacBook. I installed Passwords Plus on both, and was able to hotsync the info to both of them.

    I'm pretty satisfied the way everything's going, so why would I need something else? I've read a lot of people are using it, but there's no trial and it's pretty expensive for something I may not need.
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    The short answer is "no" you don't *need* MissingSync to sync your Treo with your Mac, however many of us like MS because it provides enhanced syncing with AddressBook and iCal (not to mention iPhoto and iTunes.)

    The short of it is this:
    1) MS supports groups in AB and calendars in iCal and syncs them as Palm categories
    2) MS supports and syncs AB pictures and WAY more fields.
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    So, missing sync would pretty much make it a seamless sync between the Treo and Apple stuff?

    I did notice that some fields were missing in AddressBook. This would make it identical (or really close to it)?
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    The word is that on the Mac, Missing Sync is miles ahead of anything else.
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    Cshbell posted this in the sticky at the top of this forum:

    The following is a list of known limitations with the Palm OS and iSync:

    * Work addresses in Address Book do not transfer to the Palm
    * Home addresses in Address Book transfer to the Palm as Work addresses
    * Birthdays in an Address Book entry do not transfer to the Palm, and Birthdays in a Contacts entry on the Palm do not transfer to Address Book
    * Categories in both Address Book and iCal do not transfer to the Palm, and Categories in Contacts and Calendar on the Palm do not transfer to Address Book and iCal
    * Multi-day events in iCal transfer to the Palm as a single-day event
    * Calendar entries added on the Palm are put into an Unfiled category in iCal upon syncing
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    Every time I try to sync with MS, I receive this message: "Unable to initiate HotSync operation because the port is in use by another application." Anyone have any ideas?
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    I definitely think Missing Sync for Palm OS improves the experience of installing and using --as a tool-- a Treo 700p. I just bought the phone, installed the Missing Sync software, and started using everything. No problems whatsoever and the Memo Pad application is a great boon for me.
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    Do I need to install any of the Palm software along with Missing Sync? With the built in Sync, I had to install HotSync Manager (and maybe Palm Desktop).
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    I've used Palms (and before that, Newtons) and Macs together for years. This spring I moved to AB, iCal, Missing Sync, and a Treo 650. I like it.

    There is another feature of Missing Sync: with the USB cable, you can mount your SD card on the desktop of the Mac. I used this to recover some vitally important pictures from a corrupted camera card this summer, for a client. Every card reader would freeze up when this SD card was inserted, but Missing Sync, my Treo, and File Salvage recovered the pictures.

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    I just upgraded my Verizon 650 to software version 1.05a (much better bluetooth headset quality, better Blazer operation) and suddenly iSync just wouldn't work; no matter what I did (and I tried resetting and reinstalling everything) I couldn't get iCal (on the Mac) and Calendar (on the Treo) to sync; just as the process was completing iSync would hang and there was no way to get it to complete or move on.

    In desperation I tried Missing Sync and it worked "pretty good." As with iSync/HotSync, it works both via Bluetooth and USB cable. Besides the fact that it worked I liked (1) having the combined functions of HotSync and iSync in one user friendly package, (2) the more nearly complete sync of fields, categories/labels and contacts' pictures, (3) the syncing of Palm memos with a simple stand-alone MemoPad application on the Mac and (4) the ease of selecting profiles for using just certain sync services (e.g. Install). I think (someone correct me here if I'm wrong) that one can skip installing any part Palm Desktop or iSync if you use Missing Sync + iCal + Address Book + MarkSpace MemoPad.

    Still, I would not say Missing Sync is a perfect product. It occasionally hangs or crashes (whereas HotSync/iSync never did before my current problem started) and syncing is vvveeerrryyyy ssslllloowwww, even when I follow MarkSpace's suggestion for speeding it up (i.e. don't backup calendar, address, to do and memo information, this really isn't necessary since these data are synced to the corresponding applications on the Mac anyway). It's much slower than the corresponding iSync/HotSync operations. Also the address book view on the Treo now shows a blank line with a W at the end of every contact for whom I have a work email address - this means now only about 4 contacts, rather than 6, show on each page. All annoying but no deal killers.

    Is it worth it? Yes. It is a must have? For me, yes, for most, maybe. I give it 4 stars out of 5. By the way, it's not obvious from the MarkSpace website, but there IS a 2-week trial version, just download it from
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    I use Missing Sync on my home iMac to sync with my T5 (waiting for the new Treo 680 & 750 to arrive in Australia before converting) and it works well. I don't use iCal or Address Book, rather I use Entourage and without Missing Sync the whole sync process was a nightmare.

    Unlike bobodobo I find the opposite with Missing Sync compared to HotSync/iSync, in that prior to getting it the whole process was very unstable and very slow, wherease Missing Sync fixed it all perfectly. Plus the new version enables you to sync with iPhoto & iTunes.
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    Any tricks to getting Missing Sync to work more quickly? I think I've tried all of the ones that MarkSpace suggests.

    Also, anyone who syncs with iTunes, MissingSync is good, but also check out SyncTunes ( - a free program (but donations to the author's favorite charity requested) that I find to be fantastic.

    EDIT: after searching Missing Sync's support forums at length, I found this post which instructs you to reset the sync history. Seems kinda weird since you're fiddling with iSync settings, even though you're not using iSync to do PDA <=> computer synchonization any more. But after that, syncing is way way way faster! Warning: the first sync after resetting the sync history is REALLY REALLY slow - I thought sync was hung.
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