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    Hi All, new to the forum and my 650. Finally launched the Zire and the cellphone for my new 650. I'm VERY pleased with it, even with the little bit "extra" that I've added to it (2Gb card, Docs To Go).

    I've had an "issue" that I need some suggestions on. Tried a "search" but couldn't find a similar issue.

    Twice now, I've had the phone dial my home number WHILE ITS IN THE CASE (Palm horizontal leather case). I'm assuming that the keyguard and the redial button are being pushed while it's in the case, but it's very strange that both buttons would be pushed in exactly the correct order to redial the phone.

    I've also noticed that when I remove the Treo, the "Messaging" function has attempted to compose a message to the first person on my contacts list.

    Again, I'm thinking that it has something to do with the buttons rubbing against the case (or it's haunted), but if anyone has an insight, it would be appreciated!
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    It probably is the case. Has it ever misbehaved out of the case? I use the standard ole case from CompUSA, you know, the cheap on that the Treo slips into. The entire from of the unit is covered and I have yet had it to dial by itself. Ben

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