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    i just got a treo 700p today and i was wondering whats the best program for instant messenging (aim, yahoo, icq, msn). I had verichat in the past with my treo 650 and it was good but unstable at times when i did multi-tasking and the phone resets itself. i heard about verichat and mundu but not sure which one is better and which version to get. please reply.
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    IM+ rocks.

    It has background mode, supports all the networks you are looking for (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ), plus some. The people that run it are really great on tech and customer support.
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    I was trying IM+ and generally liked it, but couldn't figure out how to lower the alert volume. the tones are quite loud. Can they be adjusted?
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    My problem with IM+ (and either Mundu or Causerie too), was that they did not play well with Trillian. If I got messages from people using Trillian, IM+ gave me either no text at all or garbage that was virtually impossible to read. The other one (either Mundu or Causerie) gave me the opposite problem of IM+ (garbage or no text). I believe it was Mundu.

    I think Causerie and Verichat were the ones that displayed messages fine even if they originated through Trillian...
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    i use causerie. IM+ doesn't work on my 700p

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