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    I really love facer 3. I think it looks really beautiful, but every time I go to exit an application, I go back to the stock palm launcher. Whats the best way to map the home key to just start facer again.

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    Have you set up Facer to be the dfault launcher in the Facer prefs? That would do it for you, lest you have a 700p as I do not think that has been fixed yet.
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    Darn....yup, 700p here. Guess I'll have to wait.
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    Hasn't been fixed yet, but an app called LudusP ( can fix that for you for $5...
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    Thanks guys.
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    After having used Facer 3, I find I REALLY like it. I think it looks 100% better then the other launchers out there. However, I'm concerned after reading their forums, that the product is really no longer being supported and reading more than one person indicating that they are having a very hard time getting a serial after buying the product and getting support.

    Is this a product I should go ahead and buy, and does anyone know the developer and is this pruduct still viable and worth it to buy?

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    just wondering if you are still using facer-- any problems?

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