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    I have a Treo 650,Pocket Tunes 3.1.6,sony ericsson HBH-ds970 headset,and SAG 1.06...

    I cant seem to get these working together..It keeps locking up my pocket tunes...It will play one song then I have to pull my battery to reset my pocket tunes...I have deleted and reinstalled pocket tunes and SAG numerous times...I have reformatted my sd card many times..I have a napster to go account and have retransferd songs many times...I am totally lost...When my pocket tunes crashes I get this error message"unable to initilize the licensing subsystem. You may have an incompatible application installed on your device."

    I get this error message then pull my battery then I can go back into pocket tunes and play a song with out using my HBH-ds970 headphones.. No matter what song I choose it plays it..Then I try to bring the headphones on and it may work but it will only play one song and I get that damn error message again..

    Please Help Me!!!!!!!!
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    Once I get pocket tunes going again I go to SAG and stream to remote and I get the Music symbol on my HBH-DS970 but no sound.. In pocket tunes I press select all and select my songs and it only plays one song so I go back to pocket tunes and hit play and it gives me the unable to initialize the licesning subystem. bull**** error... I give...
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    Hi Tony,

    Currently you have to use a wired headphone or headset with the Napster tracks. We are in conversation with Softick to see if there is a way to get around it but right now Audio Gateway interferes with the licensing process when it is activated so there is no way to play Napster tracks on a Bluetooth headset unless you have a headset that has an adapter. I have a Plantronics headset that comes with a small adapter that you can connect to non bluetooth device, it transmits the audio to the headset. So when I want to listen to licensed tracks I use this because then I do not need to use Audio Gateway. Problem is I can't answer the phone with the adapter plugged into the jack. Id Palm had added support for stereo Bluetooth headphones o begin with, life would have been much easier, but they didn't so for now there is no way other than a standard wire headphone or headset to listen to protected tracks, sorry..

    Damn I guess its limewire time...

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