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    I am having cingular treo 650 gsm unlocked with firmware version 1b.17 CNG.

    I want to unbranded it and it and update it with firmware 1.20 LAP.

    i have changed tokens with rom tool and tried many times Treo_650_Updater_1_20_LAP firmware updater but no luck.

    Every time I got error rom partition size problem & update fails.

    Please help.

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    After you change the Tokens, you will have to first run an SD method Updater to change the Partition size to fit the size of the Official Lap Rom. See if you can find an SD method Lap Rom that someone has already put together. If not you could build your own using the RomTool (acepalmos/romupdaterapp.prc).
    I recommend trying to find one prebuilt.

    When I get to my Office, I will also look to see if I can find one.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vu2khn73 View Post

    Every time I got error rom partition size problem & update fails.

    Your Cing Rom Partition is too small for Lap.

    Running an SD method w/ the Lap RomUpdaterApp.prc will get you where you want to go.

    Go get the Lap Rom that James' posted here.
    Switch out the RomUpdaterApp.prc w/ the one that is actually for Lap.
    And then Run the Official from Palm.
    After everything is running fine, then customize the way you want it.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Dear friend

    Thanks a ton.

    It works.

    Thanks again.


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