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    I noticed this sync problem more than a year ago but no one was able to solve it. At the time, I side-stepped the issue by getting a third-party sync program for Outlook, but I've since gone back to the regular OEM hotsync (for Treo 650). The problem still exists: Outlook calendar items created on a home computer, then synched to the Treo do not sync to Outlook on the work computer.

    I have "Enable synchronization to multiple PCs" checked. I've also run dbscan -- no issues. I'm not a newbie to Treo's or syncing (owner/member since 2002).

    In troubleshooting this, I figured out that if I transfer a calendar item from the home desktop to the Treo and open it on the Treo and save, then it transfers to the work computer. But if it's left in its original state, it doesn't transfer.

    Somehow, the work computer is not recognizing the home appointments as "new." I'm running Outlook 2003 on the work computer but Outlook 2002 on the home computer. But that shouldn't matter.

    It's a really annoying problem. Any ideas?
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    MobileDave - I have a very similar problem...

    I use a Verizon Treo 650, and sync to two computers - a Dell desktop running Windows 2000/NT, and a Dell laptop running XP Professional. I sync to Outlook on both computers.

    Lately, my calendar syncs to the XP Outlook have been incomplete. For example, some events will sync and show up on the computer, some will not. My syncs with my office desktop running 2000/NT appear to be fine, but when I take the Treo home and sync with my laptop using XP, I either get incomplete calendar syncs or duplicate events.

    I also run KeySuite on both computers and the Treo, and I don't know if that may be an issue. Until recently, I didn't have any problems with either computer while syncing, but I'm afraid I may have inadvertently deleted something when cleaning up the Treo that has triggered the problem.

    I have attempted reloading software on both the Treo and on the laptop, as well as performing one-time syncs with the handheld overwriting the laptop, with no success. Even when I choose "handheld overwriting Outlook" on the laptop and then sync, many events that are on the handheld do not appear on Outlook.

    I've tried every FAQ and tip I could find, with no luck. Can anyone assist?

    Thank you!

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    I doubt we'll get much help on this one. I think most people will just say use some third-party sync software (which comes with its own set of problems). I don't know ... I'm not switching to Windows OS. I just wish Palm would get with the program on these basic issues. It's no wonder they're losing market share. The irony is, they practically invented the PDA -- syncing to Outlook (even on two machines) should not have these problems!

    I knew no one would be able to win the bet.
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    Actually, yes I am going to recommend a 3rd party solution - PocketMirror Standard. If you want to solve your Outlook syncing issues, that's the plan!

    Palm actually uses Chapura's (makers of PM) code in a slimmed down, half-baked version. If you want a fully baked cake, get PocketMirror and your Outlook sync issues will disappear (if you set up PM properly).
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    I will agree with PocketMirror Standard being a program. I like to sync with my laptop and desktop PC. With Palm's sync software I would get OLERR errors and lots of duplicates.

    Pocket Mirror solved the problem and I no longer fear sync errors.
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    I installed Pocket Mirror and my Outlook - Palm sync issues all went away.
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    I have a TREO 650 from Cingular syncing with Outlook 2003. I've been having the same inconsistent issues with syncing to Outlook for about 2 months now. If it was working fine and it suddenly started going haywire. So I discovered that it might have to do with a MS Outlook security update and the conduit not recognizing it now as Outlook 2003 with SP2.

    I've checked quite a few sites and have tried clean-installs, KeySuite, and Pocket Mirror. But determined not to have to pay, here's what worked for me:

    0. Backup your device using BackupBuddyVFS (just in case)
    1. Get latest Outlook Updater utility from palm website & install it
    2. Because Microsoft loves a cold-boot in the morning, shut-down and reload your PC.
    3. Close Palm Destop and Hotsync, if they auto-started
    4. Open Outlook 2003 via the run menu
    a. click on START
    b. click on RUN
    c. type "outlook /resetfolders"
    (see for explaination)
    d. close Outlook
    5. Repeat step 2. (reboot again)
    6. Open Outlook
    a. click on HELP
    b. click on DETECT AND REPAIR (will take some minutes)
    7. Close Outlook
    8. Open Hotsync Manager
    a. set to "Synchronize all files"
    9. Close Hotsync Manager
    10. Repeat step 2. (yup, another reboot)
    11. Start Hotsync manager
    12. Sync your device.

    I did this 4 days ago and up to now the sync works as it should and doesn't reboot anymore after a hot sync! Also, this had the added benefit of not getting the following messages in my hotsync log (which I thought I had to live with forever) anymore!

    "The multi-day repeating appointment titled Keira Mendoza (2005) beginning 11/15/2005 11:00:00 PM cannot be converted for use on the Handheld. Please divide the appointment up into single-days and re-synchronize."

    Outlook Calendar
    OLERR:03-0024 (0x8000ffff)
    - Fast Sync
    - Fast Sync
    Outlook Calendar synchronization failed


    Good luck.
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    The problem with Pocket Mirror is that it does not take Time Zone into account and creates No Time Zone events on the Treo (and does not translate back correctly for events created on the Treo).

    As I travel a lot, it is useless as it shows me the wrong time when I am out of my time zone.

    Any idea of a good tool that manages Time Zones correctly?

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    I'm having similar kinds of issues, even without regular syncing to a second computer. The vast majority of my items appear just fine, but my problem is that I will enter them into Outlook, but they don't sync to the least for a while. They tend to appear at a later sync. This has to be a communication issue, or a problem with the server. I assume that it would be impossible to use Versamail with Pocket Mirror, as it requires an overair sync, is that correct? I don't want to give up Versamail....
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    Only took three months to resolve my problem.

    Initial problem is that Outlook Calendar synchronization failed. Here is a copy of the log entries indicating failure:

    OK Quick Install
    OK Media
    Outlook Calendar
    - Recovery Sync
    Outlook Calendar synchronization failed

    Outlook Contacts
    - Fast Sync
    OK Outlook Contacts

    Turns out I had a corrupt database on my palm phone (Treo 700p). I loaded an applicaton that fixed my database called dBScan v2.0b. You can find this program at this link or at

    I would select my current database. It then reports the number of records found. The first several times I tried to "Start Scan" it caused my Treo to reset. But it was also reporting that I had 7 Deleted records found. So I chose the option to "Remove all deleted records" and after that it would run fine. It also found that several records that had "Repeat On field in some repeat events not Null" but it said that was OK and typically was caused by some "third-party" apps.

    So the only thing that I did was to use dBScan to remove the 7 deleted records, and then tried the HotSync and now it works!

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