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    I'm proud to announce to the TreoCentral community the long-awaited (by you dedicated 3 people) of SMSChat 1.4. SMSChat is a client for AOL Instant Messager, using the SMS<->AIM gateway.

    The features in this new release:

    5-Way Navigation Support
    Vibrate on Message
    Pick SMSChat Ring Tone
    Ring Tone Volume

    The default behavior for SMSChat is to not have any message sounds. Go into the Options menu, and click on "Sound Prefs" to edit the options. Click on "Select Tone" to pick the ring tone out your ring tone list, and be sure to click on "Select Volume" because by default its muted.

    This release is kinda a beta release since I've only tested on my own Treo. Feedback is welcome!

    This release is for T-Mobile only. I'll try and conquer Cingular support next, but I wanted to get 5-way navigation and ring tones first. In addition, be aware that SMSChat uses SMS messages to communicate with AIM, and as such can cost money if you don't have a SMS messages included in your cell phone plan or run out of messages.
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    thank you.

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