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    How do I do that on my TReo 650. Please help.
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    If you have a GSM Treo 650 (Cingular) then.
    Press Phone
    Press Menu
    Select "Options" menu
    Select "Call Preferences...", Seleck "OK" to retrieve settings from the network.
    Pull down "Forward All Calls: and enter the desired number."
    Press OK.

    To undo call forwarding just go back in there and set this to "don't forward calls." Cingular should automatically set the no answer, busy, off network forwards back to the voice mail number. Just retrieve settings from the network again and you'll see.

    If you have a Verizon or Sprint Treo, I can't help you. Check the manual on the palm support site.
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    I have numbers that I call forward to regularly, such as my home number when I am there, so I have set up some Favourites buttons that are simply one button call forward setup. I also have a Favourites button to turn the call forwarding off.

    My service is Rogers GSM so if yours is not you would have to find your specific carrier call forward setup codes and your codes to turn it off...

    I created a contact (the yellow taxi just drove by... ) with .>CFW TO HOME in the last name and entered the following in the number field: *21*18005551212#

    The *21* being my Rogers GSM callforward setup code and the # being required at the end of the number. You would of course replace 18005551212 with the number you want to call forward to.

    I then attached this contact to one of my Favourites buttons.

    To create the callforward off contact:
    .<CFW OFF in the last name field
    #21# in the phone number field.

    I then also attached this to a Favourites button.

    Cosmetically, I used the .> and the .< in the last name field just to indicate the direction of the call forward and the period preceeding it to cause these contacts to sort alphabetically to the top of my list of contacts.

    These work like a charm.
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    There are also several applications that will automatically set your Treo to forward to another number when you plug it in to a charger or cradle, then un-forward it when you disconnect it.
    I use a program called "Profiles" to set volume, phone status, etc. on my treo at different times a day. I have a few profiles in there that I manually select that set call forwarding on and off.
    They are at in the downloads section.
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    per taylorh's first post - Sprint is the same way - except different words - Phone>Options>Phone Preferences> Call Forwarding>On (enter number and it will also keep a list). However, Sprint charges .20/min for forwarding calls, so I don't use it!
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    When you call forward in the above listed methods, does Sprint know you're forwarding, or is it just like running call time on your Treo while the forward itself is in progress?

    I'm looking for a workaround to the racket prices Sprint is charging for call forwarding per voicemail to use in conjunction with Simulscribe voicemail transcription services.

    I hate paying Sprint and Simulscribe at the same time, especially when all the other carriers don't charge for network-level forwarding of voicemails. Thanks a lot Sprint
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