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    Hello all and happy 9/11.

    I finally bought it. 10 + years of Palm usage and first Treo...EVDO got me.

    The Treo was covered by $100 rebate (on top of "new every 2") that I only found out about in store, expired yesterday. I was about to send in UPC and receipt and form when I thought I'd ask you all a question:

    This baby is SLOOOW! I do not mean accessing the web which I'm pleased with, I do not mean scrolling, I mean doing basic Palm things like using the Find function. My T3 returns Find results instantaneously, both the version included and BEIKS Find (Great app. that I am praying will work on 700p).
    On 700p, Find sloooooows down on Datebook and Contacts so that searches take 3-4+ times longer than on T3.

    Also, switching between apps or even turning on Phone sometimes gives a white screen for 1-2 seconds before app becomes available. Occasionally, taps and button pushes get "stuck", i.e. non-responsive Treo for a few seconds and then all the taps/presses will be processed at once.

    I have not activated Versamail, I have only used email via "Web" (Blazer). These difficulties were apparent right out of the box with no SW installed. I wonder whether this is the "database bug" I've read about here and whether I should trade in for a new 700p since sending in UPC for rebate makes it impossible to do so?

    Here are what seem to be the relevant parts of my RTN data, in case it helps, (thanks, CellGeek!):
    (BTW, using #*#rtn# turns off the self turn off timer.)

    Life Timer: (minutes): 26308 (Haven't even had it that long!?)

    Warranty date : 05/16/2006 (What does this mean?)

    SW Rev: 1.06-VZW (is this latest?)

    Hardware Rev.: A (is there a newer one?)

    PRL Version: 50619 (what means this?)

    PRI Checksum: 0xA3FB

    Activation Date: (BLANK, why?)

    Mobile Protocol Rev: 6 (is there newer and what is this?)

    Thank you all so much for helping. I don't feel I'm a complete "newbie" but maybe a "New Bean"...?!

    Be well, all.

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    So, is this behavior weird or just to be expected from a VZW 700p?
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    Hopefully when you synced for the first time with your Treo you insured you did not pick up any files from your T3. There are a number of posts on these boards where others have encountered similar problems by not doing a clean install.

    I also have a Verizon 700p. I am on my second unit that I received last week. My life timer was at 2 minutes when I received the phone. It is now at 9200 minutes after a week's usuage. Not sure how this timer works, but it certainly isn't phone use. Closest thing that I could figure is that it is the amount of time the phone has been since activated - but that is just my guess. I have had the phone for 7 days and the math is close enough. Maybe someone else can shed some light on this number.

    My warranty date is 6-24-06. The first 700P I had contained the same warranty date as yours - 5/16/06.

    All of the other information for your phone is identical in mine.

    I have not encountered the issues you mentioned in my 700P on the second unit I received. I did have similar problems in my first one. Part of the problem I assumed was due to software that I had installed. As you have not installed any software, and are experiencing slowdowns, you have three possibilities:

    1. You inadvertently installed files from your T3 into your 700P, which could be causing the issues.

    2. You have a defective Treo.

    3. The Database access issue that has been documented is slowing your apps down. You would need to have a large number of contacts, appointments to see this issue. Also, I have found that meetings with a lot of invitees will slow down the 700P - when using Agendus. But it doesn't sound like you are using that application.

    I would suggest you head to a Verizon store and check out one of their display models and see if it displays the same behaviors - hopefully you have one nearby.
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    Based on the life timer you got an OLD refurb...
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    Quote Originally Posted by aph View Post
    Based on the life timer you got an OLD refurb...
    The timer is a known issue on all 700p's. When the 700p came out, many of us noticed that its numbers did not match the amount of calls we made. It's either a glitch or it means something different than the life timer on previous Treos meant.

    The 700p also has a known issue with database access according to the creator of Chatter. All of us 700p owners have experienced the delayed white screens when switching between certain apps. Providing you did not sync your T3 apps to your 700p, then that it likely the issue. It *should* be fixed in Palm's first firmware update for the 700p.
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    Many thanks for your replies, people.

    I am SHREDDED by the search lag and the "stuck" taps/presses because I'm used to using my Palm device for real-time note taking and quick access to existing memos is key so as not to seem dysfunctional (or moreso than I already am!) in front of customers.

    Stroths, I definitely did not sync or install T3 apps to Treo, I removed backup folder before syncing and ended up with, as intended, only PIM data. Justleft, I do have large numbers of contacts and years of appointments but my T3 searched them in moments, no problem. Seems definitely "illing" that the newer, sexier, faster processor Treo would take multiples of the "normal" time to search these databases... I guess that Chatter's creator is right...

    Also, VZW stores in NY and NJ seem to have NO display 700p's. I've checked 5 different stores, 0 700p's on display; when I bought it they brought it out of the "back room". Seems as though they don't even want to sell it--maybe expecting the heartache of multiple returns/customer "biotching"?

    Is there any indication that the legendary firmware update is actually going to occur? Have they always happened for past models?

    Be well and search well, all.

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    APH: In RTN data is the following:

    Reconditioned Status: No

    Reconditioned By: (blank)

    Reconditioned Date: (blank)

    So at least they don't want me to think it's been refurbed...;-D

    What does yours say when you do #*#rtn# ?
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    On my replacement unit I received, I believed it was a refurb. It came in a small box with just the back cover and a stylus - nothing else. However the reconditioned status was set to no. I don't believe that information is reliable.

    Quote Originally Posted by dhbuckley View Post
    APH: In RTN data is the following:

    Reconditioned Status: No

    Reconditioned By: (blank)

    Reconditioned Date: (blank)

    So at least they don't want me to think it's been refurbed...;-D

    What does yours say when you do #*#rtn# ?

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