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    First off, please don't give me the usual advice to run very far from versamail & start using ChatterMail. I've been using Versamail for nearly 2 years wih nary a problem -- unitl the last few weeks.

    Deleted messages will no longer sync with my pop3/smtp account. When I delete from Sprint 700p (by emptying the trash), the "syncing palm server" window only flashes on, instead of staying on for as long as it takes to sync (which used to depend on the # of messages being deleted).

    To make matters worse, even hotsyncing with my PC will not sync the 700p's email with the account on the pc. It's like they're acting totally separate now, without communicating at all, even though I see the hotsyncing email window during hotsyncs.

    My suspicion of OnDemand causing the problem arose because, around the same time the problem began, an over the air OD update provided me with a "Please Wait" bar while OD gathers data. This similar "Please Wait" bar now pops up in Verrsamail right after I empty the trash.

    Soft resets have no effect.
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    Bump (for any V-Mail users who are having same problem, or may know a solution). Thanks.

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