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    I've pretty much loaded all my apps into RAM and still have 43.8mb free. I know with the 650 we wanted to keep a certain amount of RAM free for DBCache. Are there any such considerations for the 700p?

    Dan Finn
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    48.8mb according to Palm Quick Install.
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    34.2mb according to ZLauncher.
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    47mb per FileZ. Out of habit, I guess, I'm still running all apps I can off the SD card via PowerRun.
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    42.8 according to FileZ
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    29.3 M - now that I can afford the space I have all my apps in RAM except for games.
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    38Mb. I have a mixed bag of RAM and card via zlauncher. Games, music, and pic are on the card.
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    17Mb, I just install things i don't care where it goes. I have a few pics and video that I should errase.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vflopez View Post
    29.3 M - now that I can afford the space I have all my apps in RAM except for games.
    Same here - all apps except games in RAM. 20.1 MB free. I have my dictionary in RAM too but all multimedia goes to SD. I'll start puting apps on SD card when I'm down to 10 MB.
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    I have 37.2mb with ZLauncher - what can be run from the card is there. Ben
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    27mb ,got mostly everything in ram except games
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    I have 43.8mb left according to zlauncher. I keep everything on the card possible. I also want to mention that I have installed the full version of pTunes 3.1.6 and DTG 8.003 (the latter I have use the "Move Applications to Card" feature). I hope when Palm updates the ROM they simply put these later versions in there to avoid having to waste the space for some critical feature updates.
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    45.2 or 72% according to ZLauncher. As many of you, tons of apps & games on the Treo & SD card.
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    I run btwn 25-30mb free but thats because I have Express and zagat on ram

    may as well use the ram for something?

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