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    Has anyone beta tested Warden 2.0? Any feedback?

    I have tried several times to download the product. Either their download page form has a problem or I have something setup incorrect. I fill out the form and press the "I agree to all above" button, and it does nothing but redisplay the form. I am using IE as is required and have as a trusted site. I have talked with their support and they were unable to help. If anyone has successfully downloaded, I would be interested to know if they had to do anything special.

    I like the product, but would like to see what is in the new version and how it does with the 700p.

    Currently trialing mSafe beta. I like it also.
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    I'd like to try the beta, too. Having the same issues on their web site.
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    Nobody running this beta? Maybe not since it can not be downloaded?

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