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    I have subscribed to GistTV, but whenever I Hotsync, the Avantgo channel just has two lines about id and param.

    Any ideas?

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    Did you set up your account?

    You must set up an account and choose your provider and times you want to include in your syncing... it takes up too much space (my opinion), so I stopped using it.
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    Yes, I set up my account and tried limiting channels to only a few.

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    I tried GisTV and all I could get it to do was give me the program line up for the next day, which was really annoying. I looked for a switch or customization routine but couldn't find any, so I finally gave up on the channel.
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    I managed to make it work, but I had to set up my account by using a MS Internet Explorer browser. It gave flaky results if I used Netscape Navigator. Go figure.

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