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    OK. back up & running in Los Angeles, now let's see how long...
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    Up again here Wednesday morning north of Houston. Only a day or two late versus what they had estimated a while back, but at least it is up.
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    Back up in Colorado Springs after being down for 6 days...
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    I seem to be back up and running here in Birmingham Alabama...however, I am having this problem...(see link below).

    Anyone there that can help me??????
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    I am in NY and it seems to be up and running again here also.
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    I was down for the last 5 days here in Savannah, Ga., but working now.
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    Its runnin in Chicago..been waiting since last friday when I got my 700p....
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    Running here in New Jersey NYC metro area
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    I had the same error, FWIW I had my 700P replaced for other reasons and Sprint TV now works. I don't think it's a hardware issue but maybe the reprovisioning did the trick.

    I asked the CSR at the Sprint store what was going on with this issue and he said (once again, FWIW) that anyone who is experiencing that problem has to start a trouble ticket otherwise it may not work for you until you do. I guess they don't have a dependable global fix.

    Hope this helps.
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    My SprintTV never worked because, according to Sprint, I retained my regular Vision plan from my 650. After all the problems documented in this thread, I decided to try the app again and lo and behold, it works. It doesn't seem very useful in its standard form and I doubt I'd pay extra for additional content.
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    Tech verified today they are updating their servers and they are having issues with both On Demand and Sprint TV and should be fixed "in a couple of days".

    I asked about if they are going to reimburse people for down time and they said only for people who ask for reimbursement would receive discount for down time.

    After getting transferred back to customer service they informed me I would receive a discount only after I have been billed and the service is up and running again and to call back after On Demand and Sprint TV are up and running.

    Make sure you have your customer service rep make a note that you spoke to them about the refund for down time.
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