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    First off, sorry if this has already been discussed, I DID search but didn't find an answer.

    I really hope someone can solve this one for me, cause I'm about to tear my hair out.

    I love my 700p to death, but I'm having one major problem with it. My ringtones are completely jacked up. When it rings, the tone will have skips & errors in it, like a bad CD or something, and when I hit the answer key it takes 2 or 3 seconds to pick up. And after I hang up it'll keep playing for a few seconds & sometimes it spits out these horrid screechy sounds like my speaker is about to explode.

    I've tried everything I can think of to fix this. I've done every kind of reset, Ive tried every different tone, etc. I'm wondering if maybe it's mRing, but I've tried other ringtone managers & this happens with all of them. Is this just a 700p bug? Should I change my mp3s' bitrates? I have them really high, like 320k. Anyone know how I can fix this?
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    I haven't tested how high a bitrate can be before you experience what you're experiencing, but you should drop it down to 56 or 64 if you're going to use them as ringtones. You might experiment with 96 or 128 if you feel that 56/64 is too low. I cut mine up to a decent length (say 20-30 seconds), then use iTunes to export them to AAC format (.mp4), then send them to myself via the upload feature at No need to use a 3rd party ringtone handler as they'll show up in your list of ringtones.
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    I'll try that. I lowered the bitrates to about half of what they were & they work a bit better now. I think the problem IS mRing though, b/c the issue doesn't occur with Butler or anything else that uses mp3s like that.
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    Wow. That worked pretty good. Thanks
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    i generally use audacity to make my ringtone then export as a wave (microsoft 16 bit pcm), u guys feels to export as a MP3 with a bitrate of 96 is better?

    When i play ringtones on the phone, it sometimes skips a spot, like a msec of dead air then continues
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    From my experience, which I've only made maybe 10 ringtones, 56 is as low as I could go before I could tell a difference in quality through the tiny speaker on any cellphone. Had a Kyocera 7135 before the 700P and my experience was the same. Plus there's no need to make the ringtone larger than it needs to be if audio quality isn't going to be an issue.
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    I saved all of mine at 128k, just cause I have plenty of memory to spare.

    I've noticed that 'skip' too, it shows up when you're playing the tones, but not when the phone actually rings.
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    Try the attached, see if you get skips when listening via sound preferences. Send it to your mobile via the upload feature at
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