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    I know i will probably get a bunch of crap for posting this and not searching enough to find the answer. I did actually look, but am not having much luck.

    My old computer crashed and I had to re-burn all the music back to my computer. Well I am now trying to add this music to a 2gb SD card I just bought and am not having much luck. I am very frustrated because I get to about 400mb and then RealPlayer says Unsupported media type. I have tried different combinations of artists and know they all work, its just that my card is not functioning properly. I have tried loading the music from different ports (internal and external) all with the same result. I have reformated the SD card multipule times to....Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    I don't know much about realplayer. There is a limit on the number of files in the root directory of a card. Most people would suggest that you get something better than real, like pockettunes, aeroplayer, or mocean. Then get a card reader and transfer all your music to the audio folder. It would certainly be much faster and those players are all better than real.
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    Yea I have a card reader and it still does the same thing. The last SD card I had had over 500 songs on it and I downloaded it from RealPlayer and the card reader. I have two 2gb cards and they are both doing the same thing.

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