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    Just a tip that I noticed:

    If you use LudusP to swap the red End key's functions with hard key 4 (Home)'s functions, not only will you have less games quit out on you accidentally, but it makes it easier to quit out of games.

    Before I did this, many games that I needed the fourth hard key for would not recognize the button when I wanted it to be used for the game, or would quit out of the game and go to the home screen. In the games that I was able to program hard key 4 as a game function, it became almost impossible to quit out of the game when I was done. Now that I've made this switch, I no longer have a problem.
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    also you can assing programs to be excluded from ludusp functions if you want to keep original buttons
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    Yeah, I find it easier to keep track of things if its global settings.

    The new buttons anyway are kind of both a positive and negative to me; I like how you don't have to turn the screen on before hitting the home key like you had to on the Treo 600, but at the same time, it doesn't work as the fourth hard key. I think they should have kept the Home key where the alt key is, and made it work to turn the screen on as well. Then alt could be grouped with the 0 like it used to be, and then another app can be added to the 4th hard key, but LudusP has been a good solution to fix my problems in games.

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