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    I'm trying to find some fax software to use with this phone. I've got winfax pro and used it with my previous verizon phone with no problems. Now I can't get it to work with my 700p. It sees it as a modem but can't seem to communicate with it. Any ideas or other software I should try?
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    I guess I should make it a little more clear.. I'm connecting my phone to my pc via the USB cable and using the software on my pc/laptop. I think it'd be similar to trying to us AOL's dial up through the phone. Anyone ever done that?
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    Just curious, what model was your previous phone?

    The fax capability was part of a circuict switched data (CSD) option that existed prior to 1xRTT and EVDO broadbnad connections. My suspicion is that because that old CSD network is slow and requires a lot of resources to maintain, Verizon and Sprint are itching to sto supporting it. New phones like the 700p, which are EVDO-capable, likely no longer have the ability to work as a fax.
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    Quote Originally Posted by harvs112 View Post
    So looking at this, Has anybody had success in getting this program to send and receive on 700p with Verizon?
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    You know... I beta tested the Conklin Systems product before the even figured out what they would charge. It worked fine on my 650. But then they priced it at $49. That's $10 more than the amazing email program that I use ALL THE TIME. It's just not worth it IMNSHO. I declined to purchase and got a fax to email service instead.

    My suggestion is to get an fax to email service. Then you can send and receive on the Treo via email AND you can send/receive from any desktop/laptop where you can send receive email. I use maxemail but there are plenty that work fine.
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    efax works great - especially now that Docs to Go can read PDF files...
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    if you can find a copy on the web then mark/space fax works exactly as
    in fact it looks exactly like mark/space fax (hmmmmmmm)

    anyways if you find a copy and use conklinsystems settings- you can send faxes all day long

    i have never tried to receive a fax on my vzw 700p

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