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    I would like to know if someone had this problem:
    Since yesterday my Treo650 CDMA "auto reset" three times and when turn on again some registered keys and setup "are lost". Thanks to NVBackup I'm restoring without major problems.
    The fact is that my Treo was very stable and I cannot remember had installed any app those last days, BUT my 30 days trial Chatopus is over and since yesterday (when this problems started) it says it is running for another 14 (today 13) extra days.
    I'm going to buy the Chatopus key as I liked it and it is working fine since I had installed it but I would like to ask if someone can think this is a bug...
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    Not sure why you lost your registered keys or setup. It looks like your Preferences are corrupted, somehow.

    Regarding Chatopus, the 14 extra days are there, so that users can have enough time to register Chatopus. After that extra days, Chatopus will no longer run, until a registered key is provided. So, it does not seem a bug.
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    Yes you probably are right.
    I discovered after posting this thread that there is the "Preference Lost Issue" (discussed in this forum in many threads). Even trying many approachs I only fixed it after a restore from a backup where I used a backup file from on week before this started to happen.
    Then I reinstall all the app that were missing in this week period and everything is working fine so I think now it was not a Chatopus bug but I also did not discovered which app (if any) had caused this problem. Thank you.

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