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    I am a new treo and palm user deciding b/w the 700w and 700p (verizon). I was thinking of getting the 700p because I heard it was more stable and I liked the layout and screen of the demo. However, I was worried about the ease of syncing with outlook using the 700p (I also use windows media center edition and have heard some people complain of incompatiblity with the 700p). Also, I wanted to be able to watch wmv files easily. I heard about RAM annoyances with the 700w but I dont plan on multitasking much.
    So a few of my questions are...
    -How does syncing with outlook or windows work with the 700p? Does everything carry over? Is it easy? What is palm desktop?
    -Would the 700w be a better bet if I've never used palm? Would I notice the shortage of RAM with the 700w if I'm not a power user? I hear a lot of complaints about doing a soft reset. I've never had a smartphone so what's the big deal with doing a soft reset?

    P.S. I need to buy today to get the $100 rebate. Pleeease help.
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