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    For some reason I can't get my Sprint 700P to sync the calendar and contacts anymore. When I go into the hotsync custom options they are both listed as "do nothing". If I change them to sync it will just revert right back to "do nothing" when I sync. If I try and set them as default the hotsync program crashes and is back to "do nothing" when I restart it.

    Anyone know how to fix this??
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    Sounds like some code has gotten corrupted in your HotSync Manager. If it were me, I'd remove my Palm software from the PC (via the Add or Remove Programs utility) and then re-install.
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    Woo Hoo! After much searching I finally found the answer in this thread:

    And kudos to Rukia as that is the solution that finally solved my problem. Specifically this is what she/he suggested:

    i have noticed that most of you guys are having trouble in synching your calendar because it automatically set itself to "DO NOTHING" even if you force it to change a billion times. well, here's the catch:
    the conduit for calendar will automatically set to "DO NOTHING" if you have created an Exchange Active Sync account on versamail..(kindly check your treos). this normally happens because EAS will sync your emails as well as the calendar on the server.this means that you are synching the calendar "wirelessly". so, you cannot sync them using a hotsync cable/cradle. if your not using an EAS account on versamail, you may have accidentally created one. therefore, in order for you to sync the calendar locally, you must delete the existing EAS account on the treo as well as on the versamail account setup on your computer then perform a soft reset on the device. now you're ready to perform a hotsync!
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    Be sure to turn the calendar and contacts conduits on your desktop back on as well..

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