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    So, my 6 months old Treo had a problem with the "F/5" key. It would work most of the time but sometimes the key would get stuck. Other than that I was pretty happy with it.

    I called VZW and they sent a replacement (refurbished Treo). It looked great, got activated without any problems. I Hotsynced it with my Desktop software and everything seemed OK.

    Then, an hour later, it restarted itself. Then it did it again in two hours. It also would turn off the phone function periodically, without me hearing it. It went on for about 24 hours. So I called VZW again. The Tech support asked to do a hard reset and not install any third-party apps and see what happens. And I did. But I still get restarts and phone turns itself off.

    I called again and had to argue to get another phone sent to me tomorrow.

    But, my question is, was I doing something wrong with setting up the new phone? Do I need to install al applications one by one? I had very few of them - TomTom, Butler, pTunes, VolumeCare, a few games and all of them "got along" well on my first Treo.

    Is it wrong to just do one HotSync to install all of them at the same time?

    All help is greatly appreciated.

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    I think you just got a bad phone. I just had to have Verizon replace my 4 month old Treo 650 (headset jack defect, cutting out mic & speaker). I got a refurbished unit just as you did, activated per instructions, and restored my latest backup (Resco backup). All went smooth as silk, and my replacement phone is running fine.


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