Just for your information:

I was a long time tealdoc user and love having my Visor as an Ebook.

I then installed Docs To Go--a cool app because it makes converting MS Word and Word Perf docs to *.pdb form so easy, updates and transfers them to the Visor with each sync.

But Yikes. After installing Docs to Go and having it acquire various pdbs, I found all my ebooks wouldn't function. Teal Doc no longer displayed them. While Docs to Go DID display them, Docs to go would not read them or allow them to be opened.

Solution: uninstall both apps, delete from Visor, delete all *.pdbs they used.

Then, install Docs to go first.
Then, reinstall TealDoc, and any pdbs. They all now show up on Teal Doc and Docs to Go doesn't see them.

IN anticipation of your question, yes, I thought of ditching TealDoc entirely and just using docs to go, but I hate giving up and like Teal Doc better as an ebook reader.