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    There don't seem to be any answers posted, though it seems to have been asked a few times. Anyone have ideas out there?
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    Great question -- I have the same concern.
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    This was dealt with in previous strings - there is not effective way to migrate SMS strings from the 600 to the 700, or the 650 to the 700, they use a different database format.
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    Is there then any simple way to read them on PC? They're not very simply formatted for viewing in a text editor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StevenI View Post
    Is there then any simple way to read them on PC?
    Yes, you just need the **FREE** Treo Desktop Browser. It can be downloaded here:

    It resides ONLY on your PC - there is no interaction between your Treo and the program, this Windows program simply reads your SMS history from the backup directory on your PC. It is a nifty little program - it will not, however, allow you to edit and re-upload messages on your device, it is a database READER only.

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