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    Ive had my 650 1.12 for awhile now without many issues even bluetooth with a cheap plantronics m2500 worked ok mostly in the car and decent sound quality.

    so when the hotsync connector broke on the treo my company sent me a new in the box 650 replacement all works well even less resets using our browser and such but bluetooth is practically unusable unless i hold the treo next to my head do i get a decent connection.

    any truth to the fact sprint 1.13 (on the new phone) breaks bluetooth cause the headset works fine on my wifes 650 ver 1.12

    and anyway to pull the blutooth files out of her rrom (her phone has a custom rom i did allready)and replace my newer blutooth files to fix this or is it deeper in the rom upgrade that killed bluetooth?
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    My headset works fine on 1.13a, and now I've got dial-up networking, too. I guess it's quite possible the updated bluetooth stack doesn't support some headsets the old one does, but it's not "broken" so much as "different," if that's the case. Not that it's any help to you, unfortunately...

    I've got an Anycom HS-777 headset, if you end up replacing yours. Works great.

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